Tasting Brochure

We cannot wait to open the doors to SITT Spring 2024 in London and Manchester. 

The Specialist Importers’ Trade Tasting (SITT) remains the only tasting that puts the needs of independent wine buyers at its heart. We hand-pick the UK’s most outstanding group of specialist wine importers so that in one day of tasting you can find exciting, handcrafted, authentic wines and craft spirits for your customers. You are in for a real treat!

Each wine shown at SITT is exclusively available to the independent sector. Whether you are an independent wine merchant, sommelier, restaurateur or regional wholesaler, you can feel confident that the wines you source at SITT will not be found on any multiple operators’ wine shelves or lists. 

To get prepared and maximise your time at the tasting, please view the SITT Spring 2024 tasting brochure by clicking on the button below.