If things were not weird enough, here comes Pet Bat for a second vintage. Very limited quantities 2 0 2 2 P e t B a t ‘ P é t i l l a n t - N a t u r e l ’ M u s c a t 3 0 % a n d C h a r d o n n a y 7 0 % Hand harvest fruit was sourced from a 30 year old single vineyard in the Southern Valleys of Marlborough. Grapes were gently pressed and co-fermented ‘wild’ in seasoned French barriques at ambient temperatures with high solids. At roughly 10 g/l residual sugar the wine was bottled to capture natural effervescence. Harmless yeast sediment remains in the bottle as a consequence.

Product Number: 6
Wine Producer: Vandal Wine Co
Vintage: 2022
Region / Appellation: Marlborough
Country: New Zealand
Wine Colour: White
Wine Style: Sparkling
RRP Bottle Price (£): £25
Is this wine new to the UK?: Yes