Vineyards planted at 250 meters above sea level in soils of aeolian origin, red sand, with great depth and water retention capacity Handpicked into 15kg boxes. The Malvasia and Trebbiano bunches are destemmed and pressed separately. Fermentation begins with native yeast in stainless steel tanks. Before each tank finishes the alcoholic fermentation, the blend is made for bottling. Ancestral method without disgorgement. It presents cloudiness from the yeasts. T Hints of brioche and honey on the nose with background aromas of almonds. Lovely vibrant structure, refreshing and clean. Avoids the cidery element that some Pet Nats do not. A very good style.

Product Number: 1
Wine Producer: CASTEL PUJOL
Vintage: 2022
Region / Appellation: RIVERA
Country: Uruguay
Wine Colour: White
Wine Style: Sparkling
RRP Bottle Price (£): 15.99
Is this wine new to the UK?: Yes