FRAM White Blend

FRAM was launched in 2012 by Thinus Krüger. The name comes from a Norwegian exploration vessel that went to both the North and South Pole around 120 years ago and means ‘to move forward’. Inspired by his travels, Thinus took his extensive experience to explore the outer reaches of the Cape wine lands, the ‘here be dragons’ area of the wine map. In the spirit of exploration and discovery, Thinus works closely with farmers in the remote region of Clanwilliam, an area where the heat is fierce, yields are low, but quality is pristine for those who know how to manage the elements. In search of other special corners across the Western Cape, the regions of Robertson and the Swartland are also represented in the FRAM range. Thinus asserts a quiet confidence - he knows grapes, and he knows how to let them shine. Vintage after vintage, Thinus never fails to impress in the quality and balance of his wines, and despite his eclectic dress sense, a leopard print lycra one-piece was a particular highlight in 2018 Cape Wine Fair, Thinus is serious when it comes to his wines and respecting the land the grapes comes from, and as such is a fully signed up member of the Swartland Independent Producers creating wines that seek to reflect terroir and speak the language of the soil. Interplanted vineyard, 60 years old, mostly Palomino + bits of Chenel and Hanepoot.

Product Number: 7
Wine Producer: FRAM
Vintage: NV
Region / Appellation: Citrusdal
Country: South Africa
Wine Colour: White
Wine Style: Still
RRP Bottle Price (£): £19.95
Is this wine new to the UK?: No