Goutte D'Argent Pinot Noir

Viña Marty is proud to present Goutte D'Argent (Silver Drop), a very unique wine, fermented with Japanese sake yeast. Pascal is the only non-Japanese person in the world with access to these yeasts with exceptional properties. They are more resistant than regular wine yeast and allow vinification at much lower temperature, impacting the flavour, acidity, final alcohol concentration and furthermost the texture of the wine. Mixing the wonderful terroir of Chile, techniques of French vinification and the millenary tradition of Japan, Goutte D'Argent is a cellar treasure. Vineyards are 10km from the Pacific Ocean. The proximity to the Pacific, the effect of the cool Humboldt Current and the lack of mountains in the region, allows the sea breezes that cool the air to enter. The coastal climate is reflected in short winters, along with a dry summer. It is known to enhance the best of cool climate red wines like Pinot Noir. Harvest is by hand and farming sustainable. Winemaking is traditional in stainless steel tanks with an average duration of 30 and 40 days and temperatures around 6°C. Ageing is on fine lees, in stainless steel tanks, weekly stirred. Garnet red colour. Nose is complex with various fresh fruits such as red cherry, strawberry, cassis and blueberry, aromas of rose, small touches of granite and leather. The palate is also complex, fresh, light with mineral notes as well as fruity flavours and fine tannins.

Product Number: 7
Wine Producer: Viña Marty
Vintage: 2020
Region / Appellation: Leyda Valley
Country: Chile
Wine Colour: Red
Wine Style: Still
RRP Bottle Price (£): 19.49
Is this wine new to the UK?: Yes