Big Beltie Cabernet Sauvignon

When it comes to matching a wine with steak (or other red meat), look no further than this fabulous Cabernet Sauvignon. The story began last December on a buying trip to Languedoc. We were tasting with Xavier Roger, and had tried the 2021 vintage of a number of existing wines. He then produced a Cabernet Sauvignon which I thought was stunning. There was one small problem – no label, no name! Fast forward to a cold March morning when I was out for an early morning jog. As I stopped for a breather just past Ilkley Monastery, I was greeted by a field of Belted Galloways – a truly beautiful and majestic breed. By the time I’d arrived home, I’d decided on ‘Big Beltie’ for the fantastic, nameless Languedoc Cabernet and Wendy in our Design office soon had the label designed. The wine is now here and even better than I remember!

Product Number: 20
Wine Producer: Big Beltie
Vintage: 2021
Region / Appellation: Languedoc
Country: France
Wine Colour: Red
Wine Style: Still
RRP Bottle Price (£): £9.49
Is this wine new to the UK?: Yes