Blaufränkisch Classic

Family have been making wines in Rust in Burgenland since 17th century. Following sustainable viticulture principles They comply with 25/26 regulations that are required for organic certification since 1971. They have voluntarily stopped using synthetic fertilisers since 1971 only using organic material where necessary. They use no herbidicides to clear weeds below the vines only using mechanical methods. They also mitigate soil erosion by planting non vine species between the rows of vines. They use no insecticides instead choosing to use pheromone based pest management to discourage pests like the grape moth. The principle reason for not applying for full organic certification is the prohibitive cost which would make the winery less economically viable Harvested at the end of September 2021. Loamy soils from the single vineyard Umriss, Bandkräftn, Mitterkräftn and Gemärk. De-stemming, closed mash fermentation over 12-15 days at a temperature of up to 30 °C (88 °F), 3 days of maceration after the end of fermentation, followed by gentle pressing. Malolactic fermentation partly in large, used oak casks and partly already on mash. Stewed sour cherries accompanied by a touch of violet and gentian, spicy-dense, sun-drenched blackberries.

Product Number: 13
Wine Producer: Günther & Regina Triebaumer
Vintage: 2020
Region / Appellation: Burgenland
Country: Austria
Wine Colour: Red
Wine Style: Still
RRP Bottle Price (£): 19.95
Is this wine new to the UK?: Yes