Why visit SITT?

We can think of 101 reasons why you should make a date in your diary, but first and foremost is the fact that SITT is YOUR tasting.

You want to source wines that make your shop or your restaurant stand out from the competition. You want to know that the wines you choose will not be seen on a supermarket shelf or a bar chain wine list. We also know you are time poor so need to maximise the hours spent outside your business sourcing new wines.

We bring together, in one place, in one day, the UK’s best specialist importers

– all experts in their fields. They are passionate, knowledgeable and really focused on partnering with Independent clients. They offer the service, the right wines and the expertise to help make your life as easy as possible and make sure you offer your customers a range like no other.

Our specialist wine importers are genuinely the best in the business

We offer you an amazing selection of wines from all over the world, all with genuine provenance and hand-crafted for the Independent sector. Do you have a gap in your classics range? SITT can sort that 

Looking for something new, trendy and a bit different such as a wine from Lebanon? SITT can sort that 

Want to increase the number of organic wines you offer? SITT can sort that 

We also offer an educational element in its features, masterclasses and tastings.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to SITT Autumn 2024.


SITT Autumn is the must attend tasting.

Feedback from our Spring visitors show how valuable SITT can be to busy wine buyers.

  • 100% of our visitors rated SITT Spring 2024 good to excellent
  • 93.75% said that SITT Autumn met or exceeded their expectations
  • 94.65% said they would be attending SITT Autumn 2024
  • 93.75% saying they rated the organisation of SITT
  • 55.55% saying they are looking to place an order with our specialist importers following their visit to SITT Spring and 22.22% buyers said they had already placed an order!

SITT Spring London 2024