Vachnadziani Qvevri Otskhanuri Sapere

The grapes are grown in the Imereti region in western-central Georgia, where the climate is humid, with hot summers and mild, warm winters. The vineyard is situated at an altitude of 220 metres above sea level, where the vines are trained according to the Vertical Shoot Position (VSP) method and are double Guyot pruned. The soils are humic-calcareous. The vineyard is planted on slightly inclined slopes, terraces and plains, all of which are orientated towards the north-west and the west. Cover grass is planted between the vines to reduce weeds; the soil is mulched and treated with organic mineral fertilisers. Otskhanuri Sapere is considered one of Georgia's oldest grape varieties and it translates as ‘Otskhana’s colourful’ which refers to the intense ruby colour of its wines. Winemaking The grapes were carefully sorted in the vineyard and then again upon arrival at the winery, berry by berry to ensure only the healthy, undamaged and best quality fruit was vinified. Skin-contact fermentation took place using the traditional Georgian method of clay jars known as Qvevri. These vessels have been recognised by UNESCO as a process of important cultural heritage. The Quevri in the Vachnadziani winery have a 950-litre capacity. The alcoholic fermentation lasted for one week, followed by a maturation period of five months without skin contact. Raspberry red in colour, this Otskhanuri Sapere delivers enticing aromas of plums and ripe berries complemented by herbal and floral notes. Full bodied, with balancing freshness and a long, dry and smoky finish.

Product Number: 18
Wine Producer: Vachnadziani Winery
Vintage: 2021
Region / Appellation: Imereti
Country: Georgia
Wine Colour: Red
Wine Style: Still
RRP Bottle Price (£): 25
Is this wine new to the UK?: No