Diamond Busuioaca de Bohotin

AREA Domeniile Averești – Huși Vineyard VINE – GRAPES The grapes were harvested in the morning until 10 o’clock, by hand with care, at a sugar content of 195g / l, then grapes were removed from the grape cluster without crushing. The grapes were cooled to a temperature of 10 ° C and then press macerated for 6 hours. WINE – MAKING After gravity decantation for 24 hours, the grape juice was fermented in 2000L vessels at 12 ° C for 18 days. TASTING NOTES Predominant aromas of rose petals. Savory taste of succulent pear with rose and muscat accents. Elegant finish with basil notes. Best Served Very well chilled (8 ° C) accompanied by music, dancing and many friends.

Product Number: 3
Wine Producer: Domeniile Averesti
Vintage: 2021
Region / Appellation: DOC Averesti
Country: Romania
Wine Colour: Rose
Wine Style: Still
RRP Bottle Price (£): £16.99
Is this wine new to the UK?: No