Waterford Cuvée: Argot is a single malt whisky from the team at the Waterford Distillery. Argot is the latest release in the Cuvée series, bringing together a blend of Single Farm Origin whiskies. This single malt is intensely complex with notes of ripe stone fruits, green foliage, cereal grains, and winter spices, all tied together with a touch of peat smoke that is unique to this cuvée. As with all Waterford whiskies, full transparency and traceability are provided via its innovative TÉIREOIR Code platform.

Product Number: 7
Wine Producer: Speciality Brands
Vintage: N/A
Region / Appellation: Waterford
Country: Ireland
Wine Colour: n/a
Wine Style: n/a
RRP Bottle Price (£): £55.95
Is this wine new to the UK?: No