Light, sophisticated and brimming with flavour, Cocchi Rosa (16.5% ABV), is leading the way in the new style of Aperitivo drinks. Using Italian red wine as a base and a blend of herbs and botanicals including gentian, dried rose petals, vanilla pods and ginger, Cocchi Rosa is an all-natural aperitif without any colourants or artificial flavourings added. Ideal to be enjoyed as a long drink with tonic or in a classic cocktail, Cocchi Rosa adds bitter, sweet, spicy and fruity notes to your serve and is a must have for a drinks enthusiast.

Product Number: 3
Wine Producer: Speciality Brands
Vintage: N/A
Region / Appellation: Asti
Country: Italy
Wine Colour: n/a
Wine Style: Fortified
RRP Bottle Price (£): £26.50
Is this wine new to the UK?: No