Los Abandonados Semillion White

Unveil the essence of Los Abandonados Semillon 2021, a masterpiece nurtured by hand-harvested grapes. The yield, a testament to nature's bounty, stands at 6,000 kg per hectare, a reflection of meticulous cultivation. This wine hails from the enchanting locale of La Consulta in San Carlos, nestled within the Uco Valley. The vines thrive under the embrace of a trellis system, shaped by vertical shoot positioning. The soil, characterized by sandy loam, nurtures the vines, while an altitude of 1100 meters imparts a distinct character. A desertic climate, graced by minimal rainfall, bestows upon the grapes a unique expression. The winemaking journey of Los Abandonados Semillon 2021 is a tribute to minimal intervention. The grapes are treated with reverence, as full clusters are used, eliminating the need for crushing. Fermentation ensues with native yeasts in plastic tanks, following a path devoid of punching down. Instead, periodic remontages guide the transformation. The wine embraces a maceration period of 60 days, with open remontages imparting a delicate touch. Embracing the artistry of the process, 60% of the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation in old barrels, while 40% finds it's home in new French barrels. Aging and Complexity: The culmination of this journey finds expression in aging. A select number of barrels engage in biologic aging, while others are graced with the presence of Chardonnay and White Criollas. This marriage of flavours and influences matures over eight months, a symphony of harmony and complexity. Los Abandonados Semillon 2021 is an homage to nature's embrace, the hands that nurture, and the spirit that guides the transformation of grape to wine.

Product Number: 31
Wine Producer: Paso a Paso
Vintage: 2021
Region / Appellation: Mendoza
Country: Argentina
Wine Colour: White
Wine Style: Still
RRP Bottle Price (£): 21
Is this wine new to the UK?: Yes