Los Abandonados Corte Negro Red

Embrace the elegance of Corte Negro, a masterful symphony of varietals woven into a masterpiece. The blend features 55% Cabernet Sauvignon from the 2018 vintage (El Cepillo), 15% Cabernet Franc from 2017 (Los Chacayes), 15% Petit Verdot from 2018 (Los Chacayes), and 15% Merlot from 2017 (Gualtallary). The journey of this wine begins with hand harvesting, each grape contributing it's unique essence to the final composition. With meticulous care, the grapes are treated to a trellis system and vertical shoot positioning. The soil, a blend of rocky loam adorned with limestone, nurtures the vines, while an altitude ranging from 1100 to 1500 meters infuses a distinctive character. The grapes are treated with utmost respect, subjected to crushing without stems. Fermentation commences with native yeasts at a controlled temperature below 25°C. A maceration period of 21 days ensures a harmonious extraction of flavours. The wine undergoes malolactic fermentation, contributing to it's depth. The resulting elixir, a testament to artistry, is aged for a minimum of 12 months in second-use French barrels. This blend encapsulates the soul of the Uco Valley and each varietal tells a story of it's origin. The wine greets the senses with a rich depth, a testament to it's desertic birthplace. Corte Negro is an embodiment of terroir, artistry, and dedication, inviting you to explore the dimensions of it's complexity.

Product Number: 30
Wine Producer: Paso a Paso
Vintage: 2017
Region / Appellation: Mendoza
Country: Argentina
Wine Colour: Red
Wine Style: Still
RRP Bottle Price (£): 21
Is this wine new to the UK?: Yes