Landauer Gisperg Souvignier Gris

Winemaking: Souvignier gris is a fungus-resistant white variety newly bred in 1983. Souvignier gris was crossed by Norbert Becker at the Freiburg State Viticulture Institute. It all started as a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon X Bronner. It has a pale rose skin colour. Tasting Notes: A light bright white wine with intense aroma of stone fruit, passion fruit and pines. Refreshing and easy drink with great character. Think of cross between Traminer/Pinot gris. Light and lively ! Food Pairings: Matches well with smoked fish like trout or salmon with cucumber and cream cheeses, fresh vegetable salads. Sushi and sashimi as well as grilled fish and seafood. Serving Temperature: 10 - 12°C

Product Number: 18
Wine Producer: Winzerhof Landauer-Gisperg
Vintage: 2022
Region / Appellation: Tattendorf
Country: Austria
Wine Colour: White
Wine Style: Still
RRP Bottle Price (£): 17.37
Is this wine new to the UK?: No