Grenache e Trois

Winemaking Process: This Grenache wine is made from carefully selected organic grapes from three different regions in Languedoc: Aspiran (Grenache Blanc), Saint-Aunès (Grenache Noir), and Aigues-Mortes (Grenache Gris). Tasting Notes: ‘3G’ has a light ruby (or deep pink) colour and an intense nose of red and black fruits. On the palate, the wine is expressive, with a focus on lightness and gourmandise. It boasts intense aromas of fruit, including strawberry, raspberry, peach, and more. The freshness of the Grenache Blanc is carried by the complex aromatics of the Grenache Gris. The few tannins of the Grenache Noir, gently add to the wine's body. Food Pairings: This wine pairs well with a variety of foods. It is a great aperitif wine and pairs well with grilled fish and meat, spicy dishes or dishes with sauces, and cold cuts.

Product Number: 12
Wine Producer: Francois Ducrot
Vintage: 2022
Region / Appellation: Languedoc
Country: France
Wine Colour: Red
Wine Style: Still
RRP Bottle Price (£): 16.57
Is this wine new to the UK?: No