Dandelion Malbec Natural Red

Immerse yourself in the world of distinction with Montlaiz' pure 100% Malbec varietal. This enchanting creation is a testament to the 2023 harvest, culminating from the La Flor Vineyard, a gem nestled in Maipú, Mendoza. Hand-harvested in March, this wine stands as a tribute to the meticulous care and artistry that envelopes each grape. A symphony of craftsmanship begins two days prior to the full grape collection—an initiation marked by the crafting of a "Pie de Cuba." Comprising 200 kg of organic Malbec grapes and their indigenous yeasts, this starter is a prelude to an extraordinary fermentation journey. Once an optimum cell count is achieved, the remaining grapes join the dance. Guided by periodic pumpovers, fermentation unfolds over a 15-day maceration, allowing the must to weave it's intricate tale. Upon completion, the liquid parts ways with the solids, and the juice is gently pressed. Embracing it's unfiltered essence, and a commitment to minimal intervention, the wine stands without the addition of sulfites. Tasting Notes: The sight presents a deep red hue graced with violet hues, a visual masterpiece in the glass. Intense aromas envelop the nose, embodying the essence of red fruits—plums and violets harmoniously entwined with the subtle charm of green herbs. The palate experience is an invitation to indulgence, where a rounded and soft mouthfeel carries notes of fresh red fruits and plums. Guided by the skillful hands of Enólogo Juan Manuel Cabrera, this Malbec encapsulates the spirit of Mendoza and the La Flor Vineyard, embodying the very essence of this exceptional land. Discover the narrative of La Flor Vineyard through the palate. Each sip of this 2023 Malbec is an invitation to celebrate the harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, nature and craftsmanship.

Product Number: 32
Wine Producer: Montlaiz
Vintage: 2023
Region / Appellation: Mendoza
Country: Argentina
Wine Colour: Red
Wine Style: Still
RRP Bottle Price (£): 14.50
Is this wine new to the UK?: Yes