ADF 10 year old Moscatel de Favaios

Favaios 10 Years only uses the best Moscatel grapes from the best harvest years. Fermentation lasts about three days with intense skin maceration & temperature controlled at 15-16 ºC. The wine spirits are then added to the grapes & must, interrupting fermentation so as to obtain a wine with high alcohol content & residual sugar. The maceration with the spirits continues for another 5-6 days at low temperature. After pressing, the wine begins a process of ageing in wooden vats for several years. The balance of the spirits with the wine starts & enhances its bouquet. During ageing the wines are chosen for the blend, mixing older harvests with younger years, making the wine richer, more intense & complex. Tasting Notes: In Favaios 10 Years, the most typical aromas of the Moscatel grape variety stand out, such as orange peel, orange blossom, linden & plums. At the same time, the most characteristic aromas of ageing are prominent, such as dried fruit, toasted wood & honey. The taste is full of intensity, with excellent acidity that gives it a long unctuous balance & viscous & elegant. Serving Temperature & Matching: Versatile as it can be served as an aperitif or with desserts. Serve at a temperature of 12C & once open keep it in the fridge to keep freshness. Keeps for average of 4/5 months. Pairs well with custard tarts, crumbles & cinnamon desserts & goes in perfection with Christmas cake, pudding & all the warm spices from the season!

Product Number: 27
Wine Producer: Adega de Favaios
Vintage: NV
Region / Appellation: Douro
Country: Portugal
Wine Colour: n/a
Wine Style: Fortified
RRP Bottle Price (£): 27.30
Is this wine new to the UK?: No