Viore Mencia

100% Mencía from D.O. Bierzo. Also known as the “Spanish Bourgogne”. Small plots of 2,000 square meters each (0.50 acres) located at 600-800 meters above the sea level, mostly oriented towards the morning sun. The climate is continental with great influence from the Atlantic Ocean, with the protection of the “Sierra de los Ancares”, a natural barrier against the storms from the Atlantic. These plots are based on slightly acidic soils with two types of textures: Slate on a sandy layer and clayey loamy soils. This combination of soils enhances varietal expression. The viticulture is regenerative, specifying we keep the levels of organic matter, preserve the structure and balance of the soil, promote functional biodiversity and ensure the least phytosanitary intervention possible. The yields are low in order to guarantee the highest quality of the fruit. Mencía is a native grape variety from Bierzo which buds in early April with a short vegetative cycle, normally ending in early September if the average temperature is mild. It has a regular ripening period depending on terroir and climate differences. The ripening favors a gradual harvest which allows for the proper control over the health of the berries, age, ripeness levels and the correct evolution of acidity. The berries are medium-sized and blueish-black color which makes specific plot selection necessary in order to respect the authenticity of the land and to obtain the truest expression of the primary fruit and floral aromas. The harvest is manual. The bunches are destemmed and the grapes are slightly crushed prior to fermentation in stainless-steel tanks provided with the most modern techniques in terms of temperature control, pump-over (“remontage”) and maceration. Intense cherry-red color with violet reflexes. The aromas transport our senses to the landscapes of the Bierzo region. It is a powerful fragrance of strawberries, cherries and wild black fruits on a background of blackberries and jam. This ensemble of aromas is accompanied by original nuances of minerality and completed with hints of flowers. As it develops on the palate, this wine flows in perfect harmony. It is elegant, ample, long and deep and it has a perfect volume. Terroir-driven, the flavors of fruit emerge again strongly, blackcurrants and sweet cherries with a subtle acidity. The final impression is of subtle, long and persistent flavors with touches of licorice and minerals. Gluten Free. Suitable for Vegans. Contains sulphites.

Product Number: 3
Wine Producer: Bodegas Riojanas Grupo
Vintage: 2021
Region / Appellation: Bierzo
Country: Spain
Wine Colour: Red
Wine Style: Still
RRP Bottle Price (£): £10.99-15.49
Is this wine new to the UK?: No