Wines of Portugal - a world of difference.

For the first time Wines of Portugal is the Spotlight On at SITT

A complete area dedicated to Portugal at SITT Autumn with 20 producers, from the most various regions of the country, and their specialist importers: the Spotlight On is, for the first time, featuring the westernmost country of Europe, so well-known for suiting perfectly the independent sector.

The producers will present their new vintages from iconic brands, as well as new ones that recently entered the UK market. The excitement around Portuguese wines is palpable and export figures show the growing interest for the wines made mostly of indigenous grapes (+12.8% in value in the first semester of 2021 vs 2020, ie €33M). SITT is definitely an amazing chance to taste more than 130 wines, representing a large selection of different styles, from several iconic regions: Douro, Alentejo, Vinhos Verdes, Bairrada and Dão.

The different regions, the vast array of grape varieties, the different styles: all find a perfect audience amongst the eager-to-experience customers of the Independent sector, where Portugal can be explained and hand-sold, if needs be. The category is vastly growing and this Spotlight On Portugal is the perfect opportunity to discover more, if you already are an aficionado, or to find out what Portuguese wines are all about, if you’re willing to start this category.

In each city, there is also the opportunity to take part to the Wines of Portugal masterclass ‘Portugal - the Independent's Choice’, hosted by Richard Mayson at 2.30pm, where the uniqueness, the authenticity and the versatility of Portuguese wines will be presented. Richard Mayson is a writer, conference guest and wine consultant, regularly writing articles for several publications. He is an award-winning author of five books on wine and his most recent book is about the Wines of Portugal.

If you are a Trade member, we invite you to taste the World of Difference Portugal has to offer:

Raymond Reynolds

  • Table 1 Casa Relvas (Alentejo)
  • Table 1 Quinta do Soalheiro (Vinho Verde)
  • Table 2 – Niepoort (Minho, Dão, Douro, Bairrada)
  • Table 3 – Luis Pato (Bairrada)
  • Table 3 – Quinta dos Roques (Dão)

Davy’s Wine Merchants

  • Table 4 – Bojador Wines (Alentejo)
  • Table 4 – Quinta da Silveira (Douro)

Winetraders UK

  • Table 5 – Quinta da Pedra Alta (Douro, Port)

Boutinot Wines

  • Table 6 - Vila Nova Wines (Vinho Verde)

Bibendum Wine

  • Table 7 – Quinta das Arcas (Vinho Verde)
  • Table 7 – Quinta de La Rosa (Douro)
  • Table 8 – Quinta do Vallado (Douro)

ABS Wine Agencies

  • Table 9 – Quinta do Portal (Douro)
  • Table 9 – Ravasqueira (Alentejo)

Marta Vine

  • Table 10 . Ana Rola Wines (Douro)
  • Table 10 – Herdade dos Grous (Alentejo)
  • Table 11 – Global Wines Portugal (Dão)
  • Table 12 – Adega de Favaios (Douro)
  • Table 12 – Adega Ponte da Barca / Viniverde (Vinho Verde)

Enotria & Coe

  • Table 13 - Quinta do Crasto (Douro, Port)