1. Which was the first wine you tasted which ignited your interest in learning more?

Sadly no DRC (but happily I’ve been invited to taste the new vintage for many years) or a bottle of white, unmarked made in a bucket with my squid and potatoes lunch outside Naples, moment (ok, that did happen). Things creep up on you and they did on me in one’s heady young days in London town.

2. Is there a wine style that you love that you wish your customers would buy more of?

No, life should be a democracy, just spend a little more, a little better, compare, experiment and ask, please, please do not follow the crowd or press the easy buy button.

3. Do you have a favourite / surprising food and wine match?

Yes, we were working in Melbourne many years ago, the wines I’d chosen for the series of dinners ‘er didn’t appear but a sparkling shiraz did! Turns out that sparkling shiraz and deep fried honeycomb tripe is a winner, for those that know think Portugal!

4. Hospitality has without doubt been one of the worse affected sectors in this pandemic, what are the main challenges you see in the 12 months ahead for hospitality? And also, what opportunities?

It’s not 12 months at all, it’s many months more with more pain to come, opportunities there certainly are for those who are bright, motivated, with nous and ability to run those risks, find different ways to cook, sell, entertain and hopefully delight, it’s a time for endeavour to shine (and whatever age, colour or creed you are), we cannot let those folk who spin the legal loops and there they are again win the day…. We’ll never change society if we don’t seize the opportunities before that lot seize them back.