SITT Exhibitor Criteria

The Specialist Importers Trade Tasting (SITT) provides independent on and off trade buyers with a unique tasting showcasing portfolios exclusively destined for specialist wine lists.

All the wines exhibited at SITT must be available exclusively to independent retailers and on trade buyers.

All wines exhibited at SITT must be submitted in advance for approval by the in-house wine team at SITT, ensuring independent merchants and on trade buyers can be confident that wines are produced and imported exclusively for them.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to those wines that are not exclusive to the independent retailer and on trade.

To adhere to the SITT visitor expectations, Exhibitors are invited from the following categories:

• Specialist importer or specialist agency showing wines exclusively for the independent sector e.g. organic, prosecco, fortified, country specific.
• Small Producer with UK importer, showcasing portfolios destined exclusively for the Independent sector
• Larger importer representing 1 or more small producers (must show by their lead producer name)  
• Producer represented by Harpers ‘Best Practice’ supporters, showcasing commitment to the independent sector via signing to the ‘Best Practice’ guidelines

New exhibitors to SITT are limited to 4ft or 6ft table.

All exhibitors are required to attend the 2 locations for each event (e.g. Manchester and London SITT Spring 2018)

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